Virtual Escape Rooms for Remote Teams

Play remotely over Zoom/Teams/etc with any number of players!
Cooperate with your teammates to solve the puzzles!
Have fun and strengthen your team bonds!
We'll help you make your event a success!

Purpose-Built for Virtual Meetings

A virtual escape room can re-energize your coworkers

  • Solve Puzzles as a Team
  • Boost your Team Spirit
  • Improve Communication
  • Encourage Teamwork
  • Bring Positive Energy
  • ...while having fun!

Ideal for:

  • Team Building Activities
  • Rewarding Great Performance
  • Celebrating a Milestone
  • Social Happy Hour
  • ...or any reason!

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Choose an escape rooms for your next team building activity:

The Prestigious Booking

An eccentric host challenges you to unlock all the rooms and amenities of his Winbnb cottage to complete the Great Inn-scape!

Difficulty: Hard Pretty hard

Target escape time: 60 minutes

Learn more Book now

Once in a Blue Moon

Escape a mysterious event in honour of Halloween coinciding with the blue moon.

Difficulty: Medium Medium

Target escape time: 45 minutes

Learn more Book now

The Cyber Drop

Take the Spy Academy entrance exam: a simulated extraction mission.

Difficulty: Hard Pretty hard

Target escape time: 60 minutes

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Boost Your Team Spirit

Teamwork is integral to solving the puzzles, making escape rooms a great remote team building activity. They are a fun way to challenge your team's cooperation and puzzle-solving skills.

We've designed our virtual escape rooms from the ground up to be played by remote teams over video conferencing. We help remote teams get together virtually and strengthen their team bonds.

How to Plan Your Team Building Event

🔒 Booking your escape

Choose one of our virtual escape rooms

Need help choosing? read more

Reserve your escape time

Once you have determined a date, a time, and the number of players: book your virtual escape room on our website. It's possible to add extra players after your booking and readjust your date and time if needed.

With the triple assistance of our intro video, game instructions, and built-in hint system, the escape games can be played without a host to guide you. However, if you would like to hire a live host for your event, please contact us (we have a partial host and full event host option).

🔒 After your booking

Receive your official virtual escape links

You will receive an email with instructions and 2 personalized links: a master link and a participant link.

You can send these links to your players before the event if you’d like to build the hype - they will be able to read the scenario and instructions but won’t be able to start the game until your chosen escape time.

🔒 Start the escape

Prepare your players

Round up your players and make sure everyone has their official virtual escape links.

Split your players into teams, and nominate a team captain per group. Your team captain(s) will use the master link and share their screen with their teammates. This link displays the current elapsed escape time and has extra hints available in case the team gets stuck.

Teammates can use the participant link to help solve puzzles. The participant link can be opened in a browser alongside the video conferencing call, or on another device like a phone.


Teams come together into breakout rooms; the captain clicks the "start" button to begin the escape!

🔒 Playing the escape

Solve the puzzles

The game is played directly in your Web Browser, there is nothing to download.

Participants embark on an adventure much like our in-person escape rooms. Guided by the story line, players interact with visual elements of the web pages and try to solve puzzles one step at a time until they reach the final goal.

Find the passwords

Each puzzle is locked with a password – a combination that could include numbers, letters, directions, or symbols.

After the final password is entered correctly, the timer stops and the escape is complete!

🔒 After the escape

Reveal your private leaderboards

If you are playing with multiple teams, find out each team's final escape time. Players enjoy discussing which puzzles they solved quickly, and which ones were more challenging.


Plan 10-15 minutes to get everyone back in the main meeting room, announce the winners and wrap-up the event. Escape rooms are solved faster when played as a team, emphasizing the value of teamwork.

Tell Us About Your Event

Get in touch with us and we can help you plan an escape.

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Here are some reviews our customers left us on Google and Facebook:

My work team had an amazing team building experience. It was difficult trying to find something we could do with covid restrictions but Mobile Escapes' Virtual Escape offering really exceeded expectations. A+. Would recommend!
★★★★★ RDILKS via Google
We had a great time! We had 5 groups competing against each other (but working together within their smaller teams) to solve the puzzles. Only one team made it through in the 60 minutes, but all team members had fun! It brought out some competitiveness, and certainly lots of laughs! The Escape Room gave us an actual Escape from Work!
★★★★★ Heather W. via Google
Amazing virtual escape experience! The Mobile Escapes staff was amazing and extremely helpful. The virtual escape was great! Would definitely recommend for any group - family, friends, work colleagues - who want to get together virtually.
★★★★★ Elise S. via Google
We miss in-person escape rooms so decided to try a virtual escape room. The Blue Moon was fun but a bit easy for us, but the Prestigious Booking was awesome! I hope you come out with more virtual rooms, I would definitely play them all!
★★★★★ Sarah M. via Google
Thank you to Nick and the entire team at Mobile Escapes - Evasions Mobiles. The scenario was awesome and the virtual format is extremely easy to use. The directions were clear and straight forward. Our team had a blast competing with each other through the virtual escape "Cottage". A fun and affordable option for any team working remotely.
★★★★★ Ben C. via Google
Mobile Escapes is an amazing activity for big and small groups! We had the privilege of trying out one of their escapes with a large group of friends at the cottage over the summer. The activities were extremely well organized and our Mobile Escapes host was able to make use of our garage and shed to set up the escapes. So much fun and an added bonus is that the escapes can be delivered in either French or English! I absolutely recommend this activity to everyone.
★★★★★ Pascale A. via Facebook
Mobile Escapes, turned two areas of our location into escape rooms, running them concurrently, throughout the afternoon for our staff development day. Everyone loved the sessions and had such a good time working together to solve problems. There may have been a little competitive spirit thrown in there as well. The facilitators were awesome and engaging. Couldn't have gone better. Thanks Mobile escapes!
★★★★★ Lisa F. via Google


How do we play with a group remotely?

Choose your preferred video conferencing platform and follow our instructions. The game is played in the browser, with the team captain sharing their screen. Other teammates can explore clues on their own through our provided participant link.

Will there be a live host from Mobile Escapes during our escape?

No, our virtual escape rooms do not require a live host, but we do offer live hosting as an add-on service. We provide instructions on how to play on your own. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on how it works. You can also contact us if you are interested in hiring a live host for your event - this is not necessary, but it's something that can add value to your event, especially if you have a large number of participants.

What are your office hours?

Monday - Sunday : 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time.
You can program your virtual escape to play on any date and time. Our games can be played 24/7 and anywhere around the world.

Can we play the game immediately after the purchase?

If you want to play on the same day that you book your escape, please make your booking within our office hours. However, you can always contact us to see if a member of our team is available for immediate programming of your personalized links, regardless of the time.

Can I book a virtual escape for a private event?

Yes! Our virtual escapes are not only popular for offices, but have also been played in classrooms and by groups of friends and family.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes! You can try a demo of the first puzzle of The Prestigious Booking or Once in a Blue Moon.

Can we play with more than 20 players?

Yes, please contact us for group bookings.

Is this a video or 3D game?

No, it is not a 3D game. The puzzles are solved using interactive elements, audio recordings, video clips, text and images. Whenever there is sound or video, we’ve included an alternative text description.

Is there an app to download or install?

The game is all within your browser - there is no software to download. Note that you will never be asked to browse any other websites or social media pages to solve our puzzles (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc).

Which web browser is recommended?

We recommend the Google Chrome browser to maximize the performance of your escape game. If you don't have Google Chrome, our platform has been tested on other major and newer browsers (Microsoft Edge, Safari, Mozilla Firefox) and these also allow playing this virtual escape. Still unsure? Feel free to test our demo links with your current browser.

What video conferencing platform should I use?

Our game runs in your browser. Any video conferencing platform that allows screen sharing is supported: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, WebEx, etc.

What if my participants are not able to finish in the allotted time?

Our game system will not cut you off if you go over the target escape time. However, some event organizers may choose to set a maximum time for their event, and have all groups reconvene in the main meeting when that time expires. If you want to make sure that all players succeed within that time frame, you can encourage the use of hints (at the bottom of each page).

How do I start the game?

After your purchase, you will receive an email with two personalized access links for your virtual escape: a master link and a participant link. Each team captain will open the master link web page, share their screen, and click the "Start escape" button. The master link includes the game clock and the hint system. The team captain can request hints if the players are stuck on a puzzle.
All other players can open their participant link web page to follow along. Participants are able to explore content and try out passwords, but do not have an in-game timer and can only request extra hints through their team captain.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $14.99 CAD per player for up to 20 players. For larger group sizes, please contact us for more options on pricing.

Which timezone are you in?

Mobile Escapes is in Eastern Time. We can set up the escape to start at your local time, but please specify your time zone when booking. Our escape games have been played by teams all across the world!

How far in advance do I have to book?

During our business hours, we can set up your escape within minutes. Outside of our business hours, contact us to make sure we are available to process your order. For larger groups, we recommend 24 hours notice to make sure that we can answer any questions before your event. If you would like to hire a live host, please book as soon as possible to confirm our availability.

Is there a maximum capacity per team?

No, you can play as many as you'd like on the same team. There is no technical limitation to the number of players per team.
We usually recommend around five players per team, however, we've had groups of 8 and even entire classrooms play together as one team without issues.

I have another question...

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