The escape card - Greeting card



Thank you for purchasing this escape card! This will challenge the recipient to a series of puzzles that they must complete before obtaining their gift. Here are some ideas on how to transform your gift into an experience with this escape card.

Ideas how to give the card

  • Send or give the card and hide the gift elsewhere. Only give them the gift or reveal its location when they provide you with the password. This can be days later!

  • If an online purchase, send the email only after they provide you with the password!

  • Ca$h Money! Put a sum of cash inside the envelope as your gift, challenge them to solve this card as fast as possible, with every minute lowering the final cash amount. Film them rush to the finish for a great memory and feel free to tag @mobileescapesottawa when you share!

  • Put your gift in a locked box and only share the lock combination number when they provide you with the password! Great for christmas gifts!

  • Many more possibilities...Be creative with it!




If in need

Solution for the Escape card